AgrAbility: Helping Farmers With Disabilities

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Andy Carter, Service Coordinator for AgrAbility, shares the types of programs and services they provide for farmers with disabilities, and the process for getting the help you need.

I'm Andy Carter with AgrAbility in Georgia. We assist farmers with disabilities across our state to maintain employment. We also have trainings for physical and occupational therapists. We work with the farmers to increase mobility, whether it's arthritis, whether it's an amputation from some type of farm accident. As long as they're involved in agriculture and the production side, it doesn't matter how big the operation is, if it's a small operation, if it's a larger operation.

What we provide is a free service and it's a grant from the USDA to the land‑grant University. Here in our state it's the University of Georgia, and in our university is a combination of the college of Ag and Environmental Sciences and the College of Family Consumer Sciences and our department is the Institute on Human Development and Disability.

Each case is a case by case basis. We go to the farm. We do an on‑farm visit. Each one would be different, so we would do an individualized plan to assist those farmers to maintain employment. What worked for one beef farmer might be totally different than what another beef farmer needs. That's why we like to go out and see. Each farm is set up a little bit differently. None are exactly the same.

So, if you would like more information on our project, you can call our 800 number at 877‑524‑6264 or you can go to our website and check us out there at